One down, three to go

We’re just submitted six chapters, making up just over 25% of the manuscript. It’s seems incredible that we’ve written a quarter of the book already, but we really have

So far, we’ve written chapters that feature an all-round introduction to machinima (and to the book), set design and texturing, in-engine character design, directing, editing and distribution. We’ve been using The Sims 2 as an example engine for a lot of this content. Most of ours Sims 2 stuff is done now. I’ve got to say, I’ll be glad to see the back of it. It’s a wonderfully flexible and content-rich engine, but it’s just got too many quirks for me. I found myself spending most of my time trying to find away around seeming dead-ends than actually making a film. I know that’s true of all machinima, but it just seemed more prevalent with Sims 2 somehow.

We interviewed Michelle and Kheri from Brittanica Dreams on Monday (via the miracle of Skype, of course). We’re using The Snow Witch as one of our case studies, and we’re hoping to be able to interview other prominent machinimists later in the book.

By far the hardest part of the writing process has been the editing: going over work you’ve already written (often days or weeks ago), and formatting it correctly, correcting the bad spelling and terrible grammar, and deleting the run-on sentences such as the one that you’re currently reading. Not only is it dull, tedious work, but it brings you down to earth with a nasty splat. The lines of witty prose and elegant discourse of you which you were so proud when you composed them last week are exposed to the harsh light of day. And let me tell you, oftentimes they do not look good.

The more you edit, the more depressed you get. It’s 21:30 over here, and Hugh and I have only just finished work for the day - a day which consisted largely of editing. I’ve almost lost the will to live, - but it’s finished, dammit.