Quick ten - phrases that were overused whilst writing this book

I’m not talking about phrases in the book here. I’m talking about phrases we used around it…

  1. “That’s not a euphemism” Far too many things sound like euphemisms. That’s just an observation there.

  2. “I think we might have gone a little over our page-count here.” Inaugurated in the very first draft of the first Sims 2 chapter, which at 17,000 words was maybe a little bit over our 5,000 word budget.

  3. “We should really update the blog.” Sorry.

  4. “Quick, look in another ‘Dummies’ book and see how they did it!” House styles are a good thing. And the Dummies house style is particularly fine.

  5. “F—ing Google Documents! Work!” It’s fantastic for collaboration, but it’s still … a little … buggle. Buggle! Swear-thump-thump-restart Buggy.

  6. “Do you think we should have a chapter on insert engine here?” So many engines, so little time. And new ones keep coming out, the bastards.

  7. “We need to write that as late as possible to ensure it’s still current.” So far, it appears we’re writing about half the book in the last week.

  8. “Our editors rock.” No, we’re not sucking up here - they really do.

  9. “Goddamnit, there are too many good example films for this chapter!” OK, here’s a proposition. You’ve got to choose one WoW film for the WoW chapter. Do you choose The Return, Edge of Remorse, Billy Maclure, Converse Ad, _Hardware Store_…

and the winner and still champion…

  1. “OK, we’ll play a bit of World of Warcraft, then get back to writing.”