Time 'flu when we're having fun.

A nice obscure title, there.

It was all going well. We’d handed in Milestone 3, we were raring to go on the final four weeks, we were organising trips to Brighton and investigating engines like, er, engine-investigation machines…

And then I got ill. Well, more or less dropped on the spot, actually. You could tell I was really sick and feeble because playing World of Warcraft was too much for me.

But we’re back now, I’m upright and writing again, and we’re all set for the final race. And our lovely, lovely editors have agreed to put the deadline back a week, too. So we might not die in the process.

So! Introduction to 3D modeling, MovieStorm, Medieval Total War 2 (which we’ve been looking at today, and which looks unbelievably cool), a complete overview of available engines, and the Future of Machinima. And then we fall over.

Stay tuned.

P.S. - if you’re reading this blog, we’d be quite interested to hear - what do you think will be the most exciting new engine for Machinima in 2007? UT2007? Crysis? Lord of the Rings Online? Something else?