And today I’ve been figuring out Blender and Sims 2 importing, in preparation for the tutorials in our modeling chapter.

Blender is just amazing - a free, fully-featured 3D package that can indeed compete with $1000+ software like Softimage and 3D Studio Max. But, it must be said, all the complaints I’ve heard over the years about its interface are bang on the money - it’s just insane. Keyboard shortcuts to bring up invisible menus, customisability to the point of insanity, and a total disregard for standard UI - I’ve been beating my head off my desk.

However, once you get to know it, it looks like it’d be super-fast and efficient. Win some, lose some.

Sims 2 object creation, incidentally, is also kinda mental. It’s probably the most intimidating object creation process I’ve ever seen in a game. But we’ve (well, I’ve - Johnnie’s away for the week) cracked it now, and it’s going in the book.