Keeping Up with Machinima

Various people may be interested to know how we keep up with the latest in Machinima. There are, basically, three tools that Johnnie and I use:

  • Of course we visit Machinima Premiere daily - indeed, pretty much hourly - as by far the best Machinima news and information source out there right now. Hint - if you’re on MPrem, check both the “latest comments” and “latest forum posts” on the right hand side. DXvid - is there an RSS feed for them?

  • We tend to surf and Sims 99 periodically for films, but mostly I tend to check out films when they’re getting some buzz either in the blogosphere as a whole, or on MPrem. So that doesn’t really count as a whole tool! BTW - I’d definitely recommend Sims99’s forums if you’re into Sims 2.

  • Machinifeed is just brilliant - it’s an aggregation of a whole bunch of Machinima-related blogs (including this one, Paul Marino’s blog, Z-Studios, 3D Filmmaker, all that good stuff) into a single website and RSS feed. You can subscribe in your RSS reader, if that’s how you roll (I use Bloglines, I’m not sure what Johnnie’s using this nanosecond but he keeps talking about writing his own) or you can just read the page.

  • Finally, I’ve got a Technorati watchlist with the word “Machinima” on it. ‘rati watchlists are fantastically useful little devices, which literally alert you whenever a specific word is used in basically the entire blogosphere, ever. There’s a certain skill to surfing them - basically, every post gets one glance, and if it doesn’t look too relevant, then gets summarily ignored - but if you can do that, they’re fantastic for picking up gems others might miss.

Hmm - one thing strikes me here. I wonder if we need a Machinifeed for the various Machinima forums? Rooster Teeth’s Machinima forum, MPrem, Sims99, M.Com now they’ve fixed their spam problem. It’d be quite high-traffic, but it’d be useful.