I think we may be losing sight of the big picture

“Hugh, stop making machinima. We’ve got a book to write.”

Johnnie, buried deep in Google Docs.

[Some context - Medieval Total War is very, very addictive to make Machinima with. The phrase “I’ll be right with you - just want to take one more shot!” has been uttered more than is reasonable in the last few hours.

MovieStorm has a similar effect. “Ooh, look, a new balaclava model” rapidly became “Er, I think I’ve got the first five minutes of a pilot for the new series of ‘24’”. - Hugh]

[EDIT I’ve closed comments for this post, because it was turning into the World Spamfest Championships. If you really desperately need to say something about it, just comment on another post and I’ll move it - Johnnie]