The horrifying results of overindulgence, Part 1

If you want to hear what happens when two Machinima experts are taken out for many drinks by another two Machinima experts, and are then interviewed by a (counts on fingers) fifth Machinima expert who is not nearly as trolleyed as the first two Machinima experts, you may wish to hear this week’s Overcast.

Or, to put it another way, You Know What We Did Last Tuesday.

Or, yet another, here’s the Overcast we recorded with Phil “Overman” Rice last Tuesday, in the middle of the madness that was the MfD Roadtrip. Enjoy. We haven’t listened to it yet - I’m waiting for Johnnie to get into the office to do so. So we have no idea how much of a collective idiot we made of ourselves.

UPDATE: Now we have, and it’s quite good. There’s a good chunk of us talking about the book, our writing process, and what we’re covering. There’s also a lot of us being rather the worse for wear.

In other news, with two days to go before the deadline for the book, we’re staggering through a fairly startling workload. We completed the MovieStorm chapter yesterday (which was… dense. And long.) and today we’re on to Medieval Total War. It’s War. It’s Medieval. And it’s pretty darn Total.