Moviestorm is free, and comes with the book

Yes, we have a price for Moviestorm, the awesome, dedicated, commercially-licensed Machinima toolset that Short Fuze have been working away at for years now, and about which we have blogged effusively.

It’s going to be… Zero pounds, zero pence.


No Yen.






Yes, it’s free to download. Totally, utterly free. Without cost.


Can you tell we’re a little excited about this?

You might be asking “how the hell will they survive off that?” Well, the answer, I understand, is add-on packs. MovieStorm’s add-on packs will cost a few pounds/dollars each, and will add tons of new content. And the Short Fuze guys reckon that, by making the initial program free to download, they can get a huge userbase installing subsequent packages.

It’s a brave move. I don’t know if it’ll work, although the Short Fuze management team have more experience than I do, and they reckon it will. But it’s darn fine news for Machinima creators anyway.

Oh, which brings us to point 2. Imagine if “Word for Dummies” came with a free copy of Microsoft Word.

That’s going to be the situation with Machinima for Dummies. It’ll come with a copy of Moviestorm right on the cover - everything you need to get started in Machinima, right there.

Rock and, as various people have said, roll.