First few reviews rolling in

We’re starting to get reviews for the book now, and they’ve been pretty positive so far (at the time of writing, the book is rated 5 stars on It’s great to read what people think. For us, this book represents several months of ridiculously hard work and stress, and we’re very proud of it. Some reviews have been just awesome. I did a little happy dance when I read this one (by Sean on

One book to rule them all …

_Finally! A book discussing the many aspects of Machinima for a “dummy” like me! ;) I’ve been looking all over the corners of the web for advice and tips for filming, editing, and creating Machinima, but now I can just look at this book for easy reference. The book kept me pretty interested throughout, and I felt that the writers really worked hard. (I read their blog..) :)

The book details the aspects of Machinima in a variety of games; some I never even heard of before! There are enough tips, hints, and advice in this book to allow any person, beginner or novice, to feel confident enough to enter the world of Machinima. Oh, and the attached DVD was an incredible bonus! I never even heard of “Moviestorm”, but it came free (yes, FREE) with the book. This is one book that any “Machinimaker” needs, no matter your skill level! :)_

Thank you very much, Sean. Since you read this blog, I’m assuming that our profound gratitude will reach you via this medium.

Please keep the reviews coming. There’s no need to be as effusive as Sean (although we won’t object if you are!), but please do give us your honest opinion.