Decent Window Open-Source video editor?

One thorn in our side throughout the writing of MfD was the ongoing lack of a decent video editing package in Open-Source, Windows-friendly form - hence the fact we use Sony Vegas throughout the book.

It’s pretty much the only major lack in the Windows Open-Source canon these days - there are 3D modelers, accounts packages, audio editing software, but the only half-decent video editing packages are Linux-only.

However, this new package, Viva Video looks promising. It’s fairly simple, but it looks usable, which is frankly more than I’ve seen from a Windows OS video editor before.

Anyone used it? Is it more useful than Windows Movie Maker?

We’ll probably have a look at it in the next little while, if we get a chance.

Update: It only imports PAL DV format video. That’s more than a little limiting, although it still might be of use to some people. The inimitable Phil “Overman” Rice also recommends taking a look at ZS4 , a non-OS but free video editor - I’ve not used it, but it does look featureful.