Johnnie has a new job - An Important Announcement

As most of you will know, Hugh and I have been working pretty closely with Short Fuze, the makers of Moviestorm, over the course of Machinima For Dummies. As well as bundling a copy of Moviestorm on the book’s cover disk, we devoted two large sections of the book to Moviestorm. We also wrote some of the documentation for one of their early beta releases. We did all this because, quite simply, Moviestorm rocks.

I’m delighted to announce that, as of this morning (Mon 1st October 2007), I will be employed full-time by Short Fuze as Moviestorm’s Technical Author.

You won’t see any huge change in my attitude because of this - I raved about Moviestorm before they hired me and I’ll continue to do so now that they pay my wages - but I want to state for the record that Moviestorm’s presence in Machinima For Dummies was not solicited or paid for in any way. We featured it because we love it, and their job offer to me was made after the book was published.

I’m going to continue to work with Hugh to keep this site updated, and to release new and revised content. I’ll also be continuing to work with Strange Company whenever time and practicality allows. I’ll be mentioning Moviestorm on this blog from time to time, but only if there’s something that I think you’ll find interesting or relevant. I won’t be using this blog as free Moviestorm advertising.

I genuinely love Moviestorm. I think it’s one of the best and most exciting things to happen to machinima for several years. It’s all the better for being developed by Short Fuze - they’re all machinima creators and fans, and are crazy keen to work with the community. They’ve already hired several prominent members of the machinima community, and they’re willing to pay machinimators to make movies using their software. Now, how often do you hear that phrase except prefaced by “Wouldn’t it be great if …”, or “Maybe, someday …”? Hopefully, we’ll see Moviestorm go from strength to strength - check out the latest version, which features some amazing built-in cell-shading.

I hope I’ve been honest and comprehensive in this announcement, but if you’ve got any concerns or questions, feel free to contact me in person (johnnie DOT ingram AT strangecompany DOT org, or just comment on this post).