A quote in a recent magazine

I’ve just learned that I’m quoted in a recent magazine (I’m not going to go into more details until I’ve tracked down what happened) being less than enthusiastic about Microsoft’s Machinima rules, after the meeting that Fred and I had with them.

I don’t recall the interview, and I don’t recall the context in which I might have said things, but I’m rather surprised that I was quoted as anything other than enthusiastic about Microsoft’s response to Machinima after that initial meeting. I think it was pretty clear that I was enthusiastic.

However, let me just state for the record: with the exception of not-exactly-games people like Linden Labs, Microsoft’s recent moves make them absolutely the most responsive and intelligent, not to say just generally cool, games company in their approach to Machinima by a country mile. I wish more games companies were following suit not just in releasing Machinima rules, but in then being open to discussion and negotiation with the community they’re supporting. Microsoft are really leading the way on this one, and I’m very impressed by them, and particularly by the work of Don McGowan, who is leading the effort.