Moviestorm Modder's Workshop is back (for real this time)

A few days ago I wrote about the release of Moviestorm version 1.0. Among the many boasts I made was that the new release included the Modder’s Workshop that certain prominent machinimators have been jonesing for.

Alas, it was too good to be true. The decision was made to hold back the Mod Shop from this release at the very last second. Overman’s screams of frustration could be heard around the globe.

This time, it’s for real. The Modder’s Workshop has officially returned, with an all-new publishers licence key system. You’ll need to request a key if you want to use it, and we’re limiting the release of them, so if you’re a Moviestorm pioneer, head over to the forums and register your interest right now, that’s my advice.

( Disclosure: I’m employed by Short Fuze as Moviestorm’s Technical Author )