Second Life Open-Source Server may not happen

And some less-good news. According to the Second Life Open Source page,

What source code won’t you be releasing?

We don’t (yet) plan to release the code that runs our simulators or other server code (“the Grid”).

I’m not sure whether this is seriously out of date, or if it represents a change of plan chez Linden. I hope it’s the former. As we’ve blogged before, not to mention also talked about in the book, an open-source SL server would be a fantastic development for Machinima in general, removing or limiting a lot of the existing problems with creating Second Life Machinima. If it’s not going to happen, that’s a real pity.

I’m going to try and get hold of the Lindens to see if I can get a confirm/deny on this issue. Anyone who knows what’s up, please do comment below!

Otherwise, I guess we’re all hoping that Open Simulator (the Open-source SL-compatible server that’s under development right now) comes along well.