Fantastic surrealist Machinima - just beautiful

If you haven’t seen “The Dumb Man”, stop what you’re doing right now and go watch it.

It’s a surrealist piece with a strong Victorian feel, made in Second Life, and it’s just fantastic. The mood and feel are awesome, the imagery is marvellous, the story’s rather good, and it represents a fantastic use of SL for Machinima creation.

The character design, in particular, shows off the increasing strength of Second Life in creating great-looking characters (at least when they’re static), the lighting’s wonderfully done (it’s by Lainy Voom, creator of “Tale from Midnight City” last year), and generally it represents some fantastic Machinima work.

There’s also an interview with Lainy on the project over at New World Notes. Worth a read. Apparently there’s virtually no post-production in the entire thing!