Second Life Lipsynch

And it’s another Second Life post. Damn you people, stop creating clever stuff!

One of the huge downsides of Second Life for a while has been the lack of lipsynching - there’s a fake you can do by playing a video on the face, but that’s about it.

However, MM Alder has recently released a new tool which offers limited 3D “lip flap” - no phoneme recognition (voice recognition-based lipsynch) or even Half Life-style volume-controlled lipsynch, but at least it does give simple 3D mouth movement when a character is talking.

There’s a very detailed and interesting post over on the Second Life wiki talking about the approach behind this lipsynch tool, some tweaks that Machinima creators can use to create better lipsynch, and the limitations of the current techniques. Sadly, once again this tool is limited by access to source code - the SL Voice code is apparently not open right now, and so it’s not possible to make the lipsynch more accurate.

We’ll add it to the list of things that will suddenly get better as and when bits of SL become Open-Sourceā€¦

Even so, this is a great tool, and should be a lot of use for SL Machinima creators.

Thanks to Frank Fox for the tip.