WoW News Roundup

A few pieces of news for the Azerothians in our midst:

  • Uber-Machinimator Baron Soosden has been hired by the venerable Machinima site He’ll be acting as Community Manager there, and also producing new Machinima for them - at least one new series, apparently. Full post here.

  • There’s another feature-length Machinima piece on the horizon: MMMovie has released their first 10 minutes. It’s a pretty good piece, with great writing and voice acting, in a very “Scary Movie” style - I laughed quite a bit. Having said that, I’ll be interested to see if they can keep it up for a full 90 minutes, or if it starts to drag.

  • Finally, there’s a new Blizzard Machinima piece on the horizon: they’ve released the trailer for the new Fury of the Sunwell patch. As always, it’s quite impressive Machinima work, although I didn’t feel it was as polished as earlier efforts like their Black Temple backstory piece. Some lovely shots, though.

It’s interesting to note how even high-budget game creators like Blizzard have trouble competing with their own fans - certainly, you could argue that Baron Soosden’s work has been of higher visual standard than some of Blizzard’s!