Hugh proved wrong

One of the great joys of being a filmmaker is that all the rules can be broken.

For many years I’ve been saying that there’s not a lot of point shooting a film in Machinima that you could shoot in real life. If you’ve got the locations, the people and the cameras, it’s faster and easier to shoot IRL.

Sam Goldwater just proved I’m totally talking rubbish there.

“Monad” is his wonderful dystopian story about virtual worlds and personal separation. This is the first really modern, post-World of Warcraft social questioning film I’ve seen that works, and it works marvellously.

It’s also just beautiful - the shooting is exquisite, the lighting is astonishing. It’s the first time I’ve seen a film using the HL2 characters which made me forget who they were originally. (To be fair, I’ve not seen “Clockwork” yet).

The writing’s spare, startlingly realistic, and generally excellent, and the acting is first-rate - such a relief!

Oh, and there’s basically no reason it couldn’t have been shot in real life, except that there’s no way it would have looked this good.

Watch. This. Now. And watch ANYTHING that Sam Goldwater does in future.

Watch here.