"Machinima Grows Up" - 3DWorld Magazine Issue 104

Hancock fans might like to note that Hugh is interviewed in the June 08 issue of 3DWorld Magazine, along with several other machinima superstars such as Phil Rice, Paul Marino and Leo Lucien-Bay.

The article is a very good one, and has a much higher accuracy-to-nonsense ratio than most articles on machinima that make their way into the mainstream press. It’s also interesting to read an explanation of machinima from the point of view of hardcore 3D artists. Let’s hope this article encourages more talented 3D artists to dip their toes into the Machinima lagoon.

Yikes. My metaphor-stretching toolkit has just exploded.

The article also features a quote from me. Irritatingly, it’s a single sentence in which I manage to split an infinitive in a manner so magnificent that Gene Roddenberry would weep with pride. That’s committed permanently to print now, and will therefore annoy me till the day I die. I’m described as a “machinima veteran”, a term which is highly complementary but embarrassingly inaccurate. The article also describes Machinima For Dummies as “indispensable”, which made me blush a little.

My personal syntactical blunders aside, the article is highly recommended. UK readers will find 3DWorld for sale in most large newsagents. International readers might have to search a little, but I believe the magazine is exported to Foreign Climes with reasonable regularity.