Overman rules

Rarely has the category Machinima For Dummies Recommends been so appropriate. Phil “Overman” Rice’s music video for Radiohead’s Bodysnatchers is a brilliant example of the power of machinima and anymation.

It’s hard to imagine any other technique that would have allowed a film like this to have been made, and Phil has taken full advantage of Second Life, Moviestorm and a whole pallete-full of other packages to produce what is, for my money, one of the best pieces of pure, sensuous the-sky-is-no-longer-the-limit machinima that’s ever been released.

Bodysnatchers proves once and for all that Overman is one of the greatest assets this community possesses, and it’s a perfect example of why the man is - well, heck, I’ll say it - a bone fide genius.

Anyone interested in seeing just how flexible machinima can be should go watch Bodysnatchers right now. If you liked the video even a tenth as much as I did, do remember to vote for Overman in the AniBoom Radiohead Music Video Contest.