The Part Of Tens: Ten machinima resources of which you may not be aware

Books in the For Dummies … series traditionally end with a section called The Part Of Tens, which consists of lists of ten related items, points or tips. Some of them are amusing, some of them are useful, and the best of the bunch are both at once.

For Machinima For Dummies, our “Tens” included Ten Machinima Sites To Bookmark, Ten Machinima Films You Must Watch and Ten Ways To Ruin Your Machinima Movie.

Here’s another list of ten: in this case, ten online machinima resources that might have passed you by. A list like this seems more suited to the web than printed text anyway, and I’ll try to keep it reasonably up-to-date. These are in no particular order, by the way. As always, if you have any suggestions of your own, make a comment at the end of the post.

MachinimaNation on Veoh

Lucinda McNary (lucindamc123 from the Moviestorm and The Movies communities) has started this group for machinima creators and fans. Veoh shows serious signs of becoming the new cool kid on the block, so head over there now and join for free.

Machinima IRC Channels

IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is a tool from the good ol’ days of the early internet, but it’s still used today. You can think of it as an instant messaging application crossed with a chatroom. There are quite a few very useful machinima-related channels in existence. The most active is the #machinima channel on Although the channel tends to be populated mainly by World of Warcraft machinimators, it’s enormously friendly, and you’re likely to find someone happy to chat about almost any aspect of machinima here. You might also want to try #machinima on, which - while less active than its quakenet cousin - often plays host to the most complex technical discussions. Moviestorm also has an unofficial irc channel, #moviestorm on freenode.

Unfamiliar with IRC? It’s not nearly as complicated as you might think. This is a good beginner’s tutorial .

The Machinima Calendar on Google Calendars

We’ve “already mentioned” the Machinima Google Calendar, but it’s worth including in this list nonetheless. The calendar includes upcoming events of interest to machinimators, and you don’t have to be a Google Calendar user to subscribe.

Talk The Machinima Talk Audio Conference

Overman’s audio conferences have rapidly become the place to meet your fellow machinimators, to network and chat, and to have a fun and interesting discussion about any topic that arises. For the past few months, the talk has taken place within Second Life. You don’t need a paid Second Life account to join in - just sign up for free and get in touch with Overman (Sol Bartz in-world) once you’re up and running.


A brand new entry on the playing field, tekbreeze is a project from digital_phil, the host of the ill-fated Machinima Live! podcast. Phil says that tekbreeze

> > was created with the simple notion of building an online community to support blogs, forums, portfolios and interactive publications focused on gaming, Machinima and technology in general. > >

And yes, it’s free to join.

The Forums at Zarathustra Studios

As well as hosting forums for Z-Studios, the Machinifeed and the Overcast, the Z-studios forums serve as a point of discussion for

> > All Things Anymation: Machinima, Animation, Motion Graphics, Filmmaking > >

Often some of the best machinima- and anymation-related discussion on the ‘net takes places here. If you’re not a regular visitor yet, you’re missing out.

The Voice-Acting Alliance

Sometimes, getting your friend Dan to do all the voices for your epic machinima series just won’t cut it. You need to find some real actors. If you can’t drag your entire cast round to your custom-built sound studio, this might be the next best thing. This popular forum is full of people who are only too happy to provide vocal talent for whatever project you might have in mind. They’re pretty good, too.

The Elite Radio podcast

Adam and Derby, previously known for The Movies On Air podcast, have started a new podcast, this time aiming to cover all aspects of machinima rather than just The Movies. It’s called Elite Radio and the guys have a few episodes in the can already.

Machinimators on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a hugely popular networking site for what are rather euphemistically termed “professionals”. The Machinimators group is intended as a network for professional machinima creators throughout the world. If you’re a professional or semi-professional machinima creator (or you’d like to be!) contact me on LinkedIn and request an invitation to the group.

Machinima on

Ever wondered what your fellow machinimators like to listen to? The machinima group on will tell you. If you haven’t discovered yet, you’re missing out on the revolution. The website will track the music you listen to, either through it’s own software or through one of the many plugins for popular music players on all platforms. You can then ask for music similar to the stuff you normally listen to. If you join the Machinima group, you can also ask the site to stream you a random selection from everything we’ve been playing over the last few days, which can lead to some pretty eclectic offerings.