A potentially astonishing new machinima tool for World of Warcraft

If you make machinima using World of Warcraft, or even if you’ve ever thought about doing so, this post is for you. Your life just got a whole lot easier.

Over at WowInsider, moo Money posts about a new WoW machinima tool from Mads ‘Malu05’ Lund. This is the most feature-rich WoW machinima tool in existence, to the best of my knowledge, and it’s going to blow your mind. It’s not yet clear whether this tool requires you to run a private World of Warcraft server or whether it operates client-side only on the official WoW servers.

moo describes it as

> > The tool that will change WoW machinima forever > >

and I think she might be right. The tool allows multiple cameras (through clever use of saved viewpoint positions), speeding up of the WoW day/night cycle, bullet time (yes, really), automatic smooth camera panning, automatic tracking of player avatars and even resizing of avatars. You can trigger almost any animation, in realtime, by simply picking your animation of choice from a drop-down list. You can even detach the camera from the player model and wander all over the map if you like - we would have committed almost any act to get hold of that functionality when we were making BloodSpell.

At the time of writing, the tool is still in a closed beta state, but Malu05, the insane genius who knocked this baby together, is openly inviting participation from other coders. He’s released a lengthy demonstration video, showing the tool in action. If he can deliver on his promises in the video, then it’s going to be hard to see Malu05’s tool as anything less than the Holy Grail for WoW machinimators.

Thanks to moo Money for giving us an early tip-off here.