Racing Machinima - how hard ... can it be?

Here at Machinimafordummies Towers, we recently received an email from a guy looking to put together a racing scene. Now, I’ve seen a few pieces of racing Machinima in my time, but it’s always been a minority interest, with nothing like the pull of the flight-sim scene, say.

But a bit of Googling around did come up with a very impressive-looking, highly-modded engine that he could use.

It’s called rFactor, and apparently it’s independent (which means it’d be easier to negotiate some kind of license for commercial work), it’s highly moddable (the official site has dozens of varied addons), fairly pretty (not at the level of the latest racing games, but good enough to play onscreen), and has full camera and replay tools.

Here’s a quick demo of its potential:

Interesting tool!