The Demise - fascinating Machinima/hand-drawn crossover

I always looks forward to the official World of Warcraft Machinima contests. With virtually every one, some sensational work appears and the bar is raised for future Machinima.

And this year is no different, with The Demise premiering some fantastic work and techniques we’ve not seen in Machinima before.

The Demise from Daniel on Vimeo.

It’s a combination of hand-drawn animated stills (a la something like Broken Saints), some of them traced or altered from World of Warcraft frame grabs, and WoW Machinima, often composited together in a single frame. The effect is quite remarkable - the filmmaker, Daniel, has achieved a luminescent, fairytale feel reminiscent of Among Fables And Men with an almost Disney feel.

The story is, perhaps, not remarkable, but the visual and sound work make up for it.

I’ll say right now that the work on display here is likely to be a major influence for me on future movies. If you’re a Machinima creator, I heartily recommend mining every single frame for ideas.