Warning - "gotcha" in the Machinima Film Festival submissions process. If you're submitting a series, read this.

The submissions process for this year’s Machinima Film Festival has a small “gotcha” of which everyone submitting should take account.

The MFF2008 organisers have decided that films will not be accepted for entry if any part of that film has been entered for competition at the Festival previously. This effectively bans work like feature-length adaptions of series pieces. The ban applies regardless of how much new material is also in the piece.

The last part is the crucial bit. Even if less than 25% of the material which makes up the film has been in the Festival before, the full film will be (and has been) turned down for entry. So far this year, the BloodSpell feature adaption and the Borg War feature adaption have been affected by this decision.

This has serious implications for Machinima filmakers. If you have any work that you’re contemplating reworking at a later date, you should strongly consider not submitting it to the Machinima Film Festival this year. That applies whether it be a series that you’re intending to turn into a feature film, a short film that will form the basis of a longer work, or merely an unfinished cut that you’re planning to rush in for the deadline.

Otherwise, any later film you complete based on your early work will be inelegible for future Machinima Film Festivals, and you’ll never have the chance for your best work to be recognised.

Oddly, festival organiser Friedrich Kirschner says that “Remixes [of existing work] are fine.“. However, adaptions definitely aren’t. If in doubt, ask before submitting (email [email protected]).

If you’ve already submitted, but want to remove your submission based on this information, we’re not entirely sure how to do that, but we suggest emailing [email protected] .

(Full disclosure - until recently, I was on the board of AMAS, which runs the film festival, and I’m also the director of BloodSpell, one of the films affected by this deicison.)