Machinima Expo "badly hurt but not destroyed"

We’ve just heard the bad news that the Machinima Expo - organised as part of Festival Arcadia by Phil Rice, Ricky Grove, Ingrid Moon and Damien Valentine - has been cancelled, at least in its originally proposed form.

You can read the full sad story at the Expo blog. After the time, effort and expense that the four organisers have poured into it, this is a real shame. The Expo was shaping up to be a superb event for machinimators.

All is far from lost, though. The Expo will still go on, but is now being moved to a virtual event within Second Life. In many ways, this is even better. If you weren’t going to be able to attend in person, now you have no excuse!

Stay tuned to the Expo blog or the twitter feed for updates, and we’ll see you in-world.