Music Generators

A quick tip: If you’re creating a Machinima piece and you’re not a good enough musician to compose your own work, you should definitely check out music generation programs like Sony’s Acid or Apple’s Garageband.

In many ways, programs like this offer a very “Machinima” approach to music creation - using pre-recorded loops, you can build up a surprisingly sophisticated and varied selection of instrumental music, very quickly.

I’ve been using them on Kamikaze Cookery to great effect - this trailer’s music took about an hour, for example. It’s not the same quality as getting an original score written specifically for your piece, but it’ll build and hold a mood, and that’s often what you need.

I don’t know too much about the differences between the packages. I must admit, I’ve found Garageband a bit wanting for more classical music, but it’s great for rock stuff.

Anyone used these packages on their Machinima? If so, what did you think?