Review of Sims 3 for Machinima

Decorgal has posted a summary of her findings from the Sims 3 Creator’s Camp, where she and a whole bunch of other people got to play around with the new Sims 3 engine, in her case looking at Machinima in it.

If you’re interested in Sims moviemaking, you should definitely read through the whole thing.

The executive summary, however, is that out of the box, Decorgal believes that Sims 3 will be great for music videos, but that she “can’t imagine” making talkies with it.

” It’s difficult enough to make them using Sims 2 with all the hacks we have at our disposal but without them, I don’t think it’s something I’d even attempt with Sims 3. I suppose you can use 3rd party programs for animating lips but I prefer to use the in-game talking. “