ZenCub3d on pause, not on the way out

ZenCub3d’s Billy Chang has just posted an announcement in which he states that

> > We will be putting the ZenCub3d project on-hold indefinitely. > >

After the recent loss of Antics3D from the Machinima scene, your reaction to this is likely to have been the same as mine - panic.

There’s no need for screaming and wailing just yet though. Billy’s post makes it clear that this is not the end for ZenCub3d. Quite the opposite in fact - they’re going into ‘stealth mode’ to work on the successor to the application.

I think this is actually great news for the future of ZenCub3d (and, judging by the comments so far on Billy’s post, most people seem to agree with me). The ZenCub3d forums will still be active, and there’s no indication that current copies of ZenCub3d will suddenly stop working or anything horrible like that.

If you don’t have a copy of ZenCub3d yet, it’ll be available to download in its current form for another two weeks. After that, you’ll have wait patiently for the grand unveiling of the sequel (ZenCub3d2? Seems a little unwieldy!)