Johnnie has (another) new job

A brief announcement, in the interests of journalistic disclosure: I’m now employed as Product Manager for Short Fuze Ltd in the UK (I was previously employed by the same company as Technical Author). Short Fuze are the guys who make Moviestorm, which we’ve mentioned more than once on this blog and in the book.

My job now is to be a ‘champion of the product’, which is a rather pretentious and buzzword-laden way of saying that I have to ensure that Moviestorm remains great, and co-ordinate the input of the whole team to decide what exciting features we’re going to work on next.

As I wrote when Short Fuze first hired me, this blog is not and nor will it ever be a thinly-veiled publicity tool for Short Fuze. That doesn’t mean that we won’t be talking about Moviestorm, though. We will. And IClone. And Antics3D, and ZenCub3d, and Second Life and World of Warcraft and anything else that seems relevant.