Women Who Have Changed Machinima

It’s Ada Lovelace day - the day for blogging about influential and generally cool women in tech.

Now, various people have in the past claimed that Machinima is a male-dominated artform, so I thought it was worth talking about some of the women who have shaped the artform to what it is today…

India Drummond - as the maintainer of Sims99, she has supported and grown one of the largest sources of Machinima on the Internet, equivalent in size to Machinima.com and WarcraftMovies.

Katherine Anna Kang - founder of Fountainhead Entertainment, founder board member of the Academy of Machinima Arts and Sciences, director of the hit Machinima film “Anna” (still one of my favourite Machinima films ever), producer of the MTV-played Machinima music video “In The Waiting Line”, and project director of Machinimation, one of the first and few dedicated Machinima toolsets.

Michelle Petit-Mee - Director of some of the most critically acclaimed Machinima films of all time (including Snow Witch and my personal favourite, A Mermaid’s Tale, which she made with Kheri Batal), teacher and commentator, and now full-time Machinima creator with Bioware.

Jun Falkenstein Director responsible for the stunningly popular, award-winning and successful “Snacky’s Journal”, “Ballad of the N00b”, and many more top World of Warcraft films.

Sasha “Moo Money” Rudie - Prolific Machinima commentator, responsible for the Moviewatch daily feature on World of Warcraft Insider and one hell of a lot of Second Life Machinima news, now full-time Machinima journalist with Machinima.com.

Kerria Seabrooke - Creative Director of Machinima pros the Ill Clan, working on the CSI Machinima and Tiny Nation amongst much, much more.

JayDee Mega-successful Sims 2 director, best known for her multi-million view film “Helena”

Jackie Turnure - Producer of Stolen Life, winner of the Best Picture at the 2007 Machinima Europe festival, and one of the few Machinima feature films ever created.

Selserene - prolific and influential WoW Machinima creator, responsible for the “In For A Penny” series.

Decorgal - prolific creator of Sims mods, models and recolors, including the ground-breaking lipsynch mods for Sims 2, and the creator of the popular Sims machinima series “Adventures In Dating”.

Trace Sanderson - Innovative and successful Second Life machinima director, best known for her hit surrealist film “The Dumb Man”

Ingrid Moon - Former senior staffer with Machinima.com, founder of Machiniplex.com, showcase site for top Machinima films, organiser of the Machinima Expo, and international Machinima evangelist.

Tracy Harwood - Machinima advocate and organiser of the first Machinima Europe festival.

Kate Fosk - leading current commentator on Machinima, Machinima Europe 2007 nominee for Experimental Machinima, and evangelist for the “Anymation” movement.

Tari Akpodiete - the former Community Manager at Moviestorm, and a prominent voice in the machinima community.

Sally Brewer - One of the first women involved in Machinima production - producer of Strange Company’s Eschaton series, one of the founding writing team on Machinima.com, and Strange Company staffer from 1997 to 2002.

You all rock.

Anyone we’ve missed? (It’s unintentional, we promise). Comment below!