New Blizzard trailer pushes the boundaries out for Machinima drama

If you haven’t seen the new Ulduar trailer for World of Warcraft, you really should, whether you have any interest in WoW or not. (If you don’t, you need to know that for various reasons, the Orcs and the Humans are recently at war after an unstable peace broke down, and the wizards aren’t involved. But that’s it.)

It’s made by, amongst others, Terran Gregory, one half of the team that won a Mackie for their WoW movie The Return, and it really pushes out the boundaries of what you can do with both World of Warcraft and Machinima as a whole. The scriptwriting and storytelling, in particular, stand out - there’s genuine jeopardy, some excellent action sequences, convincing character conflict, and some fantastic use of standard WoW scenes to great cinematic effect. It’s also very interesting how subtle lipsynching really helps to sell the piece.

If you’re interested in writing stories using Machinima, you owe it to yourself to check this out.