Vimeo gets it wrong AGAIN - deletes "Craft of War: Blind"

Vimeo seem to be the new darlings of the video hosting scene, but they’re looking less and less good to me.

Just after the fascinating article on video site terms of service in which they didn’t come out too well, we hear that they’ve deleted the incredibly popular “Craft of War: Blind” (one of our Machinima of the Year 2008 list) from their servers, apparently because “videos depicting people playing the game like walkthroughs, strategies, raids, pvp,etc aren’t allowed”, according to author Percula, second comment down.

It’s blatantly obvious from a thirty-second glance at the video (possibly-broken YouTube version here) that this isn’t a gameplay video, but high-quality animation that happens to be set in a gameworld. And this isn’t the first time Vimeo have deleted quality Machinima, either - Baron Soosden has had some of his videos taken down in the past.

Vimeo really need to get their act together. In the meantime, anyone got any recommendations for alternate hosting sites? I’ve really been impressed with, who host BloodSpell, although I know a few other people weren’t so keen - comments? And of course the Internet Archive is still awesome for Creative Commons-licensed content.