Oscar-shortlisted filmmaker Chris Jones talks to Machinima for Dummies about Machinima, marketing, making the best film you can, and more.

Ok, something rather cool today. As you probably know, I’ve recently been extremely impressed with filmmaker and author Chris Jones’ training seminar based on how he got to the Oscar shortlist with a short film. Many of its points are highly relevant to Machinima, and I was really interested to see what Chris would say to Machinima filmmakers directly.

Handily, he was as interested in talking to us!

So, today we present to you a 45-minute podcast between me and Chris, talking about making the best film you can, whether and how you should approach big-name actors, how to market your film and hook audiences in, and the future of professional and amateur filmmaking now that new technology is eating the old models alive.

There’s lots of really useful perspective here from a very accomplished filmmaker outside the Machinima world altogether - I hope you enjoy it!

It’s available here in downloadable MP3 - if you’ve got Quicktime installed, it should just play if you click the link.

Enjoy, and let us know what you think. If you want to know more about Chris and his filmmaking, you can find: