Exciting news in WoW Machinima - festivals and a new powerful tool!

A couple of exciting developments in WoW Machinima:

First up, a new WoW Machinima tool, MachinimaDev has been released in beta. This is pretty exciting stuff - its capabilities go well beyond those of Modelviewer, including export to various 3D packages, limited mouth control, timeline-based shooting, cameras, loading of sets and multiple characters at the same time, and other very cool stuff. I’ve not tested it, but I’ve had an online demo, and it represents a significant advance in WoW Machinima creation. More news on it soon, because Strange Company will be using it in an upcoming production.

Secondly, I’ve just had a conversation with Simon Bradshaw on the subject of the legalities of the Machinima Agreement from Blizzard, and we’ve had a very careful look at the wording of the agreement as relates to festivals.

Previously, as you may know, the reading of the agreement was that you couldn’t submit to a film festival without asking Blizzard’s permission. However, we’ve just looked at it, and that appears to not be what it’s saying. In actual fact, the wording says that

In the event that you are required to prove to the contest organizer, festival committee, or television broadcaster that you have Blizzard Entertainment’s permission to use the images or video from World of Warcraft that appear in your Production, a content use license is provided

If you’re NOT required to prove that, it looks a lot like you are allowed to enter the festival. The wording’s a bit unclear, but it’s definitely not a “you need to ask before submitting to any festival” as we previously thought.

Obviously, this is exciting news for me and anyone else who makes WoW Machinima.

If anyone knows more on either of these points, has tried out MachinimaDev, has submitted WoW Machinima to festivals, or whatever else, please do comment!