More interesting developments from Moviestorm

I’ve just noticed that Moviestorm have announced content rental options for their content packs, for subscribers. In short, rather than buying a content pack outright and being able to use it forever, you’re able to rent it for a day or a month to make your movie, for significantly less money.

That’s a very interesting idea. Most Moviestorm movies won’t take years to make. Being able to rent props for a day or a month, particularly if you’re planning your film well, will significantly reduce your outlay on any given movie.

Obviously, though, again it will result in movies sitting on your hard drive that you can’t play the 3D assets back from. But how much of a problem is that? I’m uncertain - I know I’ve not looked at the 3D assets for BloodSpell since I completed the film, for example.

It’s also interesting I haven’t heard much noise about this feature, and that it’s being dropped in just before Christmas. This is a pretty significant new option, we’ve never seen it before in a Machinima tool, and it represents another modification to the MS biz plan. But there’s not a lot of shouting going on, either from within or outside the MS camp.

What do you think?